The Polymetall-М Company Product Catalogue

We have vast experience in production and assembly of racks. When you turn to us you get help from competent specialists in selection of optimal complement of rack system together with quality products, prompt delivery, professional assembly and favorable price.

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About the Company

The Polymetall-М Company is glad to greet you on our corporate website. We hope you will find needed information on its pages and we will also be happy to give answers to all your questions on the phone.

The Polymetall-М Company has been known in the warehousing, commercial and storage market since 1998. The history of the Polymetall-М Company is the history of the domestic rack equipment manufacture development and formation of its market in Russia.

Polymetall-М today is a modern company embracing several directions of activities and steadily holding a respectful place among the Russian manufacturers of metal structures. The company, located in the city of Tver, possesses its own production line of racks and metal frames for rapidly erected buildings. The Polymetall-М Company is also a supplier of imported shop equipment.