Pallet Racks

The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Storage equipment like everything else in our contemporary world does not stand still. It is continuously improved and developed by means of innovative technologies. However, it is confirmed in practice that nobody wants to abandon the time-tested classic pallet racks. Quite opposite, the demand for them is growing year in and year out. There is a good reason for such popularity. The said racks meet all basic modern requirements to storage equipment. Storage pallet structures are very flexible and easily rearranged, and these characteristics are very important for the enterprises working with a sizeable bill of products. Therefore, pallet racks are used to equip storage compounds, wholesale depots, warehouses, hyper markets, logistics centers of distribution etc.

    Глубинные стеллажи

    Гравитационные паллетные стеллажи

    Фронтальные стеллажи

    The engineering designs of all pallet racks produced by Polymetall-M were brought under all kind of tests and different practical trials. All these investigations confirmed the reliability of the component parts and efficiency of the rack structures as such, allowing not only optimal but also convenient storage of products and cargoes of any category

    Principal advantages of pallet racks


    The main advantage of these racks is their versatility.

    The most diverse goods and cargoes could be stored on these racks. At that their storage could be organized on standard European pallets or on plywood, metal and mesh decking as well as in containers of various modifications and sizes. The option to simultaneously place on the same rack the cargo on European pallets and on standard decking is an additional convenience.

    The possibility of pallet rack modification is one more, inherent advantage of the structure: the position of beams could be easily changed. This allows in each particular case to assemble rack structure in a manner that allows using the storage space most effectively and ensuring prompt and unencumbered access to every pallet. It should be noted that such modifications practically do not require financial investments.

    Паллетные стеллажи

    Паллетные стеллажи

    Паллетные стеллажи


    Recommendations for use of pallet racks

    The most popular racks are those with the possibility of stowing 2-4 pallets side by side in one section.

    The standard option of assembly is when pallet racks are positioned in one line throughout the length of the warehouse premise. They are usually installed into two single rows along the walls or, when the width of premise so allows, in double lines (single lines go along the walls and the rest of space is occupied by double rows). The distance between the rows is calculated beforehand by the Polymetall-M experts with due regard given to the loading/unloading machinery at the disposal of customer. For example, the working corridor of power-driven stacker is less than that of loader and accordingly the use of former increases the premise capacity. When there are columns in the warehouse then the calculation of distance between the rows should make provision for center-to-center distance between columns and for section of columns. It is also important to take into consideration the laws of ergonomics, disposition of main storage areas and firefighting rules.

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    Паллетные стеллажи

    Паллетные стеллажи

    Паллетные стеллажи


    Engineering specifics of pallet racks

    A remarkable structural solution is applied by our company in all metal pallet racks. It is perforation, playing dual role:

    • First, it is a structural element, making it possible to move and assemble the rack layers at any desirable height, if required;
    • • Second, it reduces the weight of the rack itself, but at the same time it does not affect its toughness and load capacity because modern technologies make it possible to perforate without destroying metal structure.



    Minimal, mm

    Maximal, mm

    Frame Section 37х68, depth 400, height 1000 Section 125х68, depth1500, height 16000
    Crossbeam Section 20х20, Length 300 Section 60х240, Length 3500
    Load beam Section 30х50, Length 900 Section 60х240, Length 4500
    End stop 900 4500
    Frame protection guards 1050 2500
    Connector of dual rows 100 1000

    Why are the Polymetall-M Company’s pallet racks worth buying?

    Pallet racks are required in any enterprise. Here are their advantages:
      • Efficient and full use of storage space;
      • Possibility to install tailor-made racking systems;
      • Possibility to change configuration of even those racks which have been already installed;
      • Affordable price;
      • User-friendly, easily maintained.

    When you buy racks from a manufacture like the Polymetall-M Company, you gain additional benefits. All our products are manufactured in-house and it allows us to offer our client more than democratic end price of articles. For another thing, you will not have to spend time and funds in searching for racking assembly specialists, as we also provide this service in combination with engineering design works, sale, delivery and follow-up audit of the purchased structure, if needed.

    All our products meet the highest quality standards. They are covered by six-year term guarantee of the company. This is the longest term rack structure guarantee period among all companies-manufacturers!


    Cooperation with our company is always easy and makes extremely good business sense.

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