The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Shelving for disposition of various-type cargoes has become most commonly used in modern storage practice. These racks represent a built-up structure that could be defined as the most ergonomic solution making it possible to use warehouse space of enterprises in the most efficient and advantageous manner.

    Полочные стеллажи

    As it is clear from the name, the principal details of a shelf structure are shelves and poles as well as elements ensuring rigid connection, fastening elements and coasters. These racks with rather simple design are very stable, and their versatility makes it possible to use such systems practically for all applications from storage of large-size cargoes (warehousing and cargo racks) to book and document arrangement (shelving). The majority of cargo racks could be assembled and disassembled a good many times and their maximum stability is ensured with special section-connecting bridges. .

    Shelvings are valued on their ease of operation, convenient multi-layer structure and possibility to load and discharge cargoes quickly. For this very reason they are so popular among trading enterprises. Similar racks of smaller sizes could be practical in household use.

    Полочные стеллажи

    Полочные стеллажи

    Полочные стеллажи

    Modern metal shelving could be distinguished by three main features: :

    1. By material whereof the shelves are made: it could be a metal sheet, board, wooden chip board, plywood, plastic etc.
    2. By assembling principle:

      • Welded shelving – the frame is built up with welding;;
      • Stack-mounted shelving – assembly is made with bolts and grips.
    3. By intended use

      • Archive shelving – this type of racks has comparatively light structure with rather narrow shelves providing easy access to documents and archive materials;
      • Office shelving – these racks are expected to provide space for both temporary storage of documents and disposition of small samples of products;
      • Storage shelving – these are normally equipped with metal-sheet shelves as intended to withstand heavy loads;
      • Shop shelving– used in self-service stores and intended to provide easy access to merchandises.


    Principal advantages of shelving type racks:

    • Optimal price/functionality ratio,
    • Easy and rather quick assembly process during which the overall structure is fastened to the floor with anchor bolts for the sake of enhanced safety,
    • Made of high-quality rust-resistant metal,
    • Could be used in all types of storage premises,
    • Offer a wide range of constructive solutions making it possible to select optimal alternative for each enterprise.

    Полочные стеллажи

    Полочные стеллажи

    Полочные стеллажи

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    Max, mm

    Frame Section 37х68, depth 400, height 500 mm Section 100х68, depth 2 000, height 5 000 мм
    Transverse beam Section 20х20, Length 300 Section 40х600, Length 2000
    Load beam Section 30х50, Length 900 Section 100, Length 2700 мм
    Thickness of shelf metal 0,55 6
    Length of back wall 900 2700
    Load on storage tier - 3000

    Depth, mm Height, mm Width mm Shelf limit load Price per PM
    Rack for light cargoes от 300 до 5000 до 2700 200 от 500
    Rack for medium cargoes от 300
    до 5000
    до 2700
    500 от 800
    Front type rack от 300
    до 5000    до 2700
    1000 от 1000

    Offers and guaranties

    Polymetall is an enterprise-manufacturer of metal shelving. The company has produced and supplied cargo and household racks to all regions of Russia. All racks are covered by the brand-name guarantee. .

    Polymetall-M is capable of executing each and every custom order and manufacturing the most unconventional structures.

    All our customers should understand that they can always count on the fairest prices while working directly with the manufacturer. To manufacture rack structures we use fully automated European equipment making it possible to cut down operating costs significantly. If required we will ensure both prompt delivery of rack structures to any point in the world and their assembly in warehousing premises indicated by the customer.


    If our production has got you interested please contact us on the indicated phones or request our callback through special form on our website.


    Co-operation with our company is always easy and extremely rewarding.