Building constructions

The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.


    In this case one of the main advantages of LSTK technology is implemented: a possibility of construction in several stages that allows:

    1. if necessary to increase the working area of the building step by step;
    2. gradually to develop building infrastructure;
    3. large single investments aren't required.

    Pre-fabricated scalable warehouse complexes imply exponentation of the building from several modules the whole complex or is module-by-module, according to your needs. Time of mounting of the module averages up to 14 days depending on quantity and qualification of builders.

    The built building or complex can be both cold, and warm depending on your preferences and opportunities. This condition is implemented only due to the choice of materials for a framework covering, and also degree and an order of a complete set. Works on warming and equipment as engineering communications can be carried out also after delivery of a warehouse to operation.