The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Information for customers of ООО «PK «Polymetall-М»

    Polymetall-M is a company with the work record of sixteen years. During all these years we have been striving to ensure perfect quality of our client service, understand all their problems and respond to them. . We know that it is important for every client to have his problems solved not only in full but in the shortest possible time too. That is exactly why we try to respond in a speedy fashion not only to any demand of our customers but to the very first letters and messages of our merely potential clients.

    We have never divided our clients into categories of those with high and low budget, valued or not-so-valued ones. We respect every person visiting us both coming to place an order or simply wishing to get explanations or update of any information.

    The very fact that it is our company you decided to resort to is of utmost importance for us. We understand perfectly well that by so doing the client manifests his confidence in us. And confidence in any business is the cornerstone forming the basis of customer- provider relationship.

    We always thoroughly hold to our promises and guaranties as we are aware of the importance for our clients of the issues they turn to us with.

    Thousands of orders executed by Polymetall-M are the most convincing evidences of right attitude to work.

    We fully share the notion of Tony Hsieh, Director General of Zappos, one of the most successful companies in the world:

    “Servicing customer is not the task for a special department only, it is the task for the company overall”. Therefore, please be advised: when you are placing with us your order it will be executed by all members of our united team.