The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Services on Project Implementation

    Polymetall-M is a reliable national company holding leading position in the modern market of racking production. We are not only manufacturing quality built-up metallic racks but ready also to offer a number of follow-up services for your orders in the area of both planning and further project implementation.

    1. Specialist advice by our experienced managers and project follow-up

    Our employees pay great attention to provision of services and competent advice to customers. Genuinely qualitative implementation of projects is achieved only on condition of close cooperation with customer. Therefore the company provides professional support to each and every customer regardless of their order size.

    2. Planning

    Have you decided to install racks in sales and storage rooms? It is necessary to give answers to a number of questions first:

    - How and for what purpose will be future dismountable shelving used?
    - What kind of merchandise are you planning to store on racks?
    - What is the intensity of cargo turnover, weight and size of goods?

     Apart from that it is important to provide neat characterization of the site planned for dismountable racks. This could be storage and sales room, or open area. It is extremely important to take into account the engineering specifics of the place where racks will be installed later on: roof construction, decking quality, ceiling height, availability of piping, columns, various utility lines etc. We are ready if need be to make required measurements free of charge and help to develop competent and effective solution.

    3. Design Engineering

    The next stage after design concept development phase and preparation of appropriate terms of reference is designing of racking system. Drawings preparation is carried out in accordance with calculated static loads regardless of intended use and size of construction. Stability and functionality testing of future construction is mandatory conducted.

    4. Manufacturing

    Manufacturing of dismountable racks is realized in accordance with developed work plan of project implementation. All elements are produce in the most advanced automated processing lines.

    5. Delivery

    Within the framework of maintenance service we are ready to deliver dismountable metallic racks by road, railway transport or in containers. Self-pickup is also possible.

    6. Assembly/Disassembly Works

    Polymetall-M is eager to bring to the maximum the quality of both the production offered and the consecutive assembly of constructions. This guarantees safety, reliability and longevity of its racking equipment. The assembly job is performed by a team of workers regularly undergoing mandatory certification tests and cleared to work at height. We are also prepared to offer works on disassembly of finished racks already in place, when required.

    7. Guaranty and Post-Guaranty Services

    Projects are implemented at the earliest possible juncture in accordance with customer requirements. All offered production is certified. Guaranty and post-guaranty services are provided upon customer request. It is also possible to arrange additional delivery of built-up metallic racks to a facility in operation and quality assembly/disassembly works there.