The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

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    Leasing company and financial partner of Polymetall-M recommends to effect financing of projects on equipping of warehouses and sales areas with racks by way of equipment financial leasing, i.e. to lease.

    Leasing is one of the forms of investment project financing making it possible to upgrade fixed assets or purchase new equipment without significant part of funds being taken out of cycle.

    Main advantages of leasing:

    • Special tax treatment (all lease payments are recognized as costs, thus making it possible to save considerable amounts on income tax).

    • Use of accelerated amortization factor (3 maximum) enabling enterprise to compensate investment costs at the earliest.

    • Leasing makes it possible to purchase warehouse racks for use at small one-off cost (advance payment under leasing agreement). .

    • Ample opportunities for organizing the deal (terms and conditions of funding, equipment supply logistics).

    • Leasing subjects could be referred to off-balance accounts if Lessor acts in the capacity of asset holder.

    • Leasing makes it possible to pay VAT by installments. When an enterprise purchases equipment on its own cash or by using raised loan, it must pay total VAT amount at a time. In case of a leasing deal VAT due to the equipment supplier is paid by installments constituting a part of lease payments.

    • Small set of entitling and financial documents.

    • Leasing company has less rigid customer screening requirements than banks.

    • Flexible payment schedule (uniform or decreasing payments).

    Optsion - Financial partner of Polymetall-M – is an independent leasing company focused on provisioning financial services to enterprises with sustainable operating and financial performance.

    Principal terms of equipment leasing:

    1. Currency of leasing agreement — Rubles

    2. Duration of leasing agreement: from 12 to 36 months

    3. Payment schedule: uniform and decreasing payments, a possibility of payment schedule planning with allowance made for seasonality of lessee’s activities.

    4. Financing decision lead time: 3 hours from the moment of receipt of required financial documents.

    Main requirements to lessee:

    • Legal persons with at least 1 year of activities;

    • Freedom from operating losses and positive equity as of current reporting date;

    • Upward trend of own capital and revenues.

    Advantages of leasing agreement with partner of Polymetall-M:

    • Provision of main document package after adoption of preliminary decision;

    • The purchased equipment is the deal collateral;

    • Declaration for deduction from budget, of VAT on total amount of lease payment;

    • Possibility of additional optimization of income tax and VAT if leasing assets are booked on lessee’s balance;

    • Complete legal support of projects.

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