Storage Racks

The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Logistics in the modern world play an increasingly significant part though this line of activity was paid very little attention just recently. Import and export of goods, their route from manufacturer to supplier and buyer requires availability of clear and harmonious storage system able to cope with the volumes of cargo traffic growing year in year out. This routine process must be streamlined and function likes Swiss clockwork, without any interruption or delay. In the first instance it calls for the warehouses fitted with properly selected equipment needed for cargo storage. Racks represent such equipment. It is not possible to conceptualize effective and concerted operation of any storage compound without them. Practical experience has proven that racks in particular are preferred by overwhelming majority of firms and companies facing in their work the necessity to just store or receive and consign various cargoes. You may ask: “Why are rack structures so appealing to everybody?”

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    The secret of such a popularity of racks for storage of goods, finished products, components or cargoes, lies in the fact that nothing but rack minimizes so much the occupied area and simultaneously provides more convenient access to the items stored there. Racks themselves make it possible to quickly find any cargo or item in the bulk of sometimes most diverse merchandises. Promptness and heightened efficiency are only part of the advantages gained by the organizations and firms using racks

    It is important to note also that metal racks are unbelievably simple in both assembly and use. Assembly as well as disassembly takes no time and the process is not complex as such and when it comes to the use of racks this is amazingly easy. Why is all this so important?

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    The truth is that storage facilities are often rented and it may happen so that it will be necessary to change the premises and move to another place, more comfortable or spacious. In such cases it could be possible to dismantle rather quickly numerous rows of high-level racks, stow them tightly, transport rather easily and assembly within a short space of time in new area. These engineering specifics of racks will allow stopping operative process for a couple of days even in extraordinary situations. In a day or two well-knit rack structures will again be available for operations and long-term use.

    However, the process of rack selection should be taken seriously, because there are all kinds of storage racks with regard to both intended purpose and shape.

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    Modifications of racks

    It is fair to assume that there is no factory, manufacturer or trading firm in the world let alone warehouses and terminals, with no need to store something. All organizations of this kind require storage equipment that could be different in load capacity and specialization and thence in engineering particulars.

    In the process of selection of racks for business needs of enterprise it is important to take into account first of all the maximum load capacity of this or that type of rack.

    There are three main groups of metal storage racks depending on their design load:

    1. Racks for light load (one shelf holds load from 100 to 200 kg)

    Hooks or bolts are used for fastening in these racks. The fastening with bolts is more economical option. However, more economical version of rack has certain constraints: the height of one shelf cannot exceed 2.5 m; load on one section is no more than 600 kg. In case when the hooks are used as bracings the height of one shelf increases to 4 m and limit load grows up to 3000 kg. Clear and undeniable advantage of this type of racks is the possibility to move the shelf upward with increment 4.5 m. The shelf can be completely removed when it is required to make room for large-size cargo Substitution of a shelf on racks with bolt fastening will take massively more time and increment with these braces is 2.5 m.

    2. Racks for mean load (one shelf holds load from 300 to 400 kg)

    This group comprises racks with hook braces as well as racking beam systems with decking. The structures on hooks are capable to withstand loads of 300 kg on one shelf. Their height could reach 4 m. Storage equipment with beams is versatile. Various decking materials could be used on beams, from plywood through metal mesh.

    3. Racks for heavy load (one shelf holds load from 800 to 3000 kg)

    Racks of two types are represented by this group:

    • Racks with mesh decking, whereon goods weighing 800-1200 kg could be undoubtedly placed. For another thing there is an auxiliary facility of using a strengthened decking and in so doing we can increase the weight up to 2000 and even 3000 kg. The structure height is 2 to 4 m. These racks with removed decking could be used for storage of pallets (cargo trays). Apart from that a combination of decking and pallets in these racks is also possible. For example the first layer goods are stored on decking and the upper layers are occupied with pallets.

    • Shelvings: could withstand less significant load: not more than 800 kg on one layer. The height of these structures is 2 to 4 m.

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    Складские стеллажи

    Racks are also subdivided by engineering and operational particulars. Thus the racks with regard to their limit load and designated area could be:

    • Cargo racks with sufficiently high load capacity and convenient for accommodation of single-piece cargoes.
    • Archive racks, serving for organization and keeping of paper documents and ensuring speedy and easy access to them.

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    Everything is clear with regular cargo but what should be done when it has a significant length and does not fit into a standard rack? In such situations cantilever racks are provided. They were developed specifically for lengthy items. Beams, pipes, lumber, profiles, rolled metal sheets, i.e. any cargo of this kind could be conveniently placed on cantilever racks. The versatility of this kind of racks lies in the fact that they can be easily reequipped by adding floors. After such a repurposing they will perfectly work as standard shelvings for storage of any cargo or item.

    It is clear without doubt that storage rack is very convenient and in some cases irreplaceable equipment. It is very important to make the right choice and the assistance with that will be provided by the Polymetall-M Company experts involved in design of wide variety of storage rack structures since 1998.