Cantilever racks

The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Cantilever racks are specific rack structures helping in the most remarkable way to solve the storage problem of long goods and bulky products. These include various construction materials (laths, angle bars, pipes, wood chip boards and wood fiber boards), floorings (linoleum, rags, carper flooring), etc.

    Where are cantilever racks used?

    Nowadays these racks could be found in standard warehousing complexes, at industrial enterprises, in building material stores, etc.

    Консольные стеллажи

    Construction features

    Cantilever racks are specific dismountable structures consisting of such elements as support, pole and console. These racks are made both one-sided for installation along the walls at trading and warehousing enterprises, and two-sided.

    At the time of order of this kind of racks the required console load should be taken into consideration in each particular case. This stipulates the choice of optimal metal section, i.e. the thickness of metal in rack elements.


    Principal advantages of cantilever racks

    Racks of this kind have quite a few advantages:

    • High cargo-bearing capacity; 
    • Heightened efficiency of storage space; 
    • No cargo length limits; 
    • Possibility to adjust the storage height; 
    • Long service life and reliability of cantilever racks; 
    • Easy and simple assembly and disassembly; 
    • Maximal convenience of sorting by weight, length and nomenclature; 
    • Comparatively low price; 
    • Possibility to use cantilever racks with sheds in open grounds.

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    Консольные стеллажи

    Консольные стеллажи

    Консольные стеллажи


    Offers and guaranties

    Our Polymetall-M Company has been in design and manufacture as well as in sales and assembly of all types of rack structures for sixteen years already. We successfully produce both warehouse and household racks intended for storage of the most diverse cargoes.

    Our company accepts orders for both multipurpose and highly specialized racks. We produce any made-to-order custom-shaped structures taken into account particulars of any premise wherein the said equipment is planned to be used.

    As long as our company is a manufacturer of cantilever racks, every buyer can always count on purchasing any of our products at the most reasonable prices. All completion parts for the racks are made on advanced equipment of the most renowned European manufacturers. All operations are automated. This provides an opportunity to bring down significantly the manufacturer’s prices. We grant our brand-name guaranty for all production manufactured by us.

    In addition to rack designing and manufacturing we ensure upon customer request, delivery and assembly of rack structures at the customer’s enterprise. The delivery could be made to any country of the world within the shortest possible period of time.

    You can order required products by contacting our specialists on the phone. After consideration of all required parameters of interest for you we will prepare and send you the agreement for signing.

    Co-operation with our company is always easy and extremely rewarding.