Mezzanine racks

The Company’s Mission is to design and manufacture the products of high European quality:
  • racking systems for equipping modern storage compounds and shop floors;
  • light engineering structures for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Mezzanine racks represent rather elaborate split-level rack structures. . In fact they are classical metal racks positioned in different tiers which are equipped with floor boards. All the tiers or floors are connected either by standard ladders or whole staircase flights with railings. All upper tiers necessarily have guardrail. .

    Rack structures in the mezzanine form are used with a view to utilizing high-ceiling storage premises to the maximum in order to keep safe manually-handled piece goods.

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Construction features of mezzanine racks

    Mezzanine racks are usually assembled on specially installed columns which at the same time form the base for pallet racks or shelving. If mezzanine platform is installed separately then it has the form of a full-fledged floor whereon standard racks for storage of one or another cargo are placed. .The deck .of each floor of this type (and there could be several floors) is covered with either steel sheets with hacks or metal gratings or profiled sheeting, or plywood, wood chipboards etc.

    Cargoes are lifted to upper tiers as follows:

    • Carried upstairs,
    • By dint of constructively provisioned special platforms for stackers and loaders;
    • On specially outfitted elevators or lift tables.

    Cargo storage as such could be executed on mezzanine racks with or without shelves. In the first instance beams with flooring are fixed between frames. When there are no shelves then all space is divided into tiers whereon cargo is stored directly on the floor or on standard racks.

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Мезонинные стеллажи

    Principal advantages of mezzanine racks:

      • Considerable increase (from two to four times on average) of floor space for cargo storage;
      • Possibility to store cargo simultaneously on pallets and shelves;
      • Immediate access to any cargo on upper tiers through the use of ladders, lifts or elevators;
      • Possibility to utilize to the maximum all usable space of storage premise thanks to made-to-order design;
      • Storage of heavy loads thanks to substantial strength of metal structures;
      • Possibility to store cargoes of different configuration and size;
      • No need for complicated assembly works, possibility of repurposing as well as disassembly which is particularly important in case of storage space lease;
      • No need for expensive and lengthy approval procedures as multi-tiered rack is rather simple structure.

      Мезонинные стеллажи

      Мезонинные стеллажи

      Мезонинные стеллажи

      Types of mezzanine racks

      In terms of design mezzanine racks could be divided in three main groups:

      Classical shelf mezzanine could be referred to the first group. It is used in enterprises which have to store and sort considerable volumes and wide range of goods due to the kind of their business activities. This rack is most commonly fixed with massive beams and consists of 3 to 5 shelves. .

      The second and the most commonly used presently type could be represented by entresol racks. Such popularity was gained for a good reason. This structure helps to save tangibly on storage space because these racks allow for erection of up to 5-story systems. The floor of the entresol racks is secured on columns. This rack is the most relevant structure for over-sized cargoes. It is easily assembled notwithstanding the number of floors; and makes it possible to receive over-sized cargoes for storage wherefore its configuration could be changed in the shortest time span.

      The third type is exemplified by combined racks requiring installation of front type racks serving as a basis of the overall structure. The lower floor could be used for storage of palletized cargo while it is necessary to install flooring structure at the height starting from 6 meters up. This structure allows for sorting of different goods flows and at the same time cargo shipment is not obstructed.

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      Frame Section 37х68, depth 400, height 1000 mm Section 125х68, depth 2 000, height 16 000 mm
      Transverse beam Section 20х20, Length 300 Section 40х60, length 2 000
      Load beam Section 30х50, Length 900 Section 40х240, Length 4 500
      Load on shelf metal 0,55 6
      Load on flooring structure (per 1 sqm) - 3000
      Load on storage tier - 3000

      Depth, mm Height, mm Width, mm Shelf limit load Price per PP
      Rack for light cargoes от 300 до 5000 до 2700 200 от 1000
      Rack for medium cargoes от 300
      до 5000
      до 2700
      500 от 1500
      Front type rack от 300
      до 5000    до 2700
      1000 от 2000

      Why is it worth purchasing racks from the Polymetall-M Company?


      The Polymetall-M Company manufactures and sells mezzanine racks. All of them have:

        • Attractive price thanks to our own production facilities meaning that there are no additional markups by middlemen;
        • Remarkable production quality guaranteed by us as the manufacturers.

      We also guarantee:

        • Prompt order execution: your order will be shipped to you in a very short period of time after its placement;
        • Delivery of ordered production to any place convenient for you;
        • Expert assistance in equipment selection, its cost calculation, speedy and, the most important thing, competent order processing;
        • Structure erection by experienced professionals.


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